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Chlorphen-12 Allergy Tablets (100 Count)

Chlorphen-12 Allergy Tablets (100 Count)

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Chlorpheniramine Maleate 12 mg Extended Release Tablets (100 Count)

Expiration Date 03/31/2026

About the Chlorphen-12 Allergy Tablets

  • Extended-Release Tablets, 12mg / Antihistamine
  • 12 Hour Allergy Relief
  • Treats itchy, watery eyes and throat,
  • Relieves upper respiratory allergies, sneezing, runny nose
  • Regular users find relief for refractory post-nasal drip
  • Works for indoor and outdoor allergies
  • Antihistamine of choice for use during pregnancy as per the ACOG and AAFP
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