• Less drowsy than Benadryl and more pleasant than Claritin

    The ONLY over-the-counter allergy med that doesn’t make me drowsy (Benadryl) or dry out my nasal passages to the point where I’m uncomfortable (Claritin). Not sure why I haven’t been able to find a 12-hour version in stores (only see the ever four hour pills), but these convenient remedies make life so much easier during allergy season.

    - Mary L

  • Allergist told Anne Chlorphen-12 is safe, effective and stronger than Claritin

    This is an old allergy medication with years of safety and effectiveness behind it. I actually had an allergist tell me it was stronger than Claritin and drugs like that. I have been using it for over 20 years and it truly is the best. The new drugs are expensive because YOU pay for the research and marketing.....NOT because they are better. I never have had any "weird" side effects from these pills

    - Anne R

  • Best allergy medicine for itchy, watery eyes and sneezing

    My husband has used this for years for seasonal allergies. It is the only thing, prescription or OTC that works for his itchy, crusty eyes and sneezing when pollen is around. He has tried at least ten other products including Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, Nasocort, Flonase, Hydroxizine, Benadryl, as well as many over the counter products without relief. So back we go to the tried and true. This is not available in the 12 mg in my area anymore and the 4 mg needs to be taken too often for him. This he takes morning and night during allergy season and all his symptoms go away. Sometimes the older medications are just better.

    - Janet A

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